• Configure MySQL(MariaDB) for remote connections

    Requirements CyberPanel (Installing CyberPanel) SSH credentials & SSH client (PuTTY) Summary If you want to connect to your local/production environments MySQL server from your own network follow the tutorial carefully and you will achieve your goal. Security note Be careful about your production environment, its best to remove the MySQL port when you don’t need […]

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  • Local CyberPanel on Windows

    Requirements Windows Oracle VM VirtualBox (Download) CentOS 7 (Download) SSH client (PuTTY) Setup Virtual Machine Open VirtualBox and click New. Fill in your virtual machine name. Select Type Linux Select Version Red Hat (64-bit) Give the memory size you like (If you want to use MSSQL the minimum requirement is 4GB memory) and click Next. […]

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  • Publish & Run ASP.Net on CyberPanel / Linux


    Requirements CyberPanel (Installing CyberPanel) SSH credentials & SSH client (PuTTY) FTP credentials Working SSL on website ASP.NET IDE (Visual Studio Community) Installing ASP.NET Runtime Connect to your Linux server using SSH client. Use your Linux package manager to install ASP.NET Runtime. More can be read from here. I’m following CentOS 7 instructions from the documentation […]

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